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Letters from past customers

We just got this letter from Sheri in Lino Lakes, MN:


Dear Mike,

I’ve purposely taken a year to send this letter just to make sure the work passes the test of time. That’s the true test of a good contractor….if something goes wrong after completion of the project, does he still take care of it? Well, nothing has gone wrong! I only have praises for your company and all the subcontractors who work with you.

My house was one of many which was damaged by the hail following the Hugo Tornado in 2008. My aluminum siding functioned well in not breaking, but was dented so much it looked like a golf ball. Jorian, Mike’s window expert, examined my aluminum frames and determined the windows met replacement criteria. In all, the whole exterior of my house was replaced – roof, siding, windows, and resurfacing the deck – and it didn’t cost me a dime. Dan and Tyler took care of communication and paperwork with my insurance company. Dominick and Jake were on site everyday working and making sure everything went as planned. There was no foul language, no raunchy music, no cigarette butts or nails in the yard. Everyone came when scheduled and they informed me of days they worked off site. Dominick went beyond the exterior and helped rehang a valence in my living room that was taken down to replace the window. The deck painter took a couple minutes to help me start my garden tiller – just out of the goodness of his heart. These guys are true gentlemen! I miss having them around.

I highly recommend MD Heiderscheid.

Sincerely, Shari Honeycutt
Lino Lakes, MN


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